The first

2020-08-11 16:02:21


The first(图1)

1.The intelligent system of cloud IPL is made up by professional team of Wisdom(Guangzhou) Electronics Co.,Ltd. Which took three years.The modern artificial intelligence high speed algorithm chip is embedded to make the cloud IPL has the ability of fast operation and interaction.

2.Cloud IPL connects to mobile phones through Bluetooth and connects to servers through cloud.We can quickly and easily understand the running state of machine and manipulate it from mobile phone and server.

3.Compare with the traditional beauty equipment,intelligent cloud IPL system remove the screen,reduce the failure,which make the machine more simple and beautiful.The power supply MCU can all this new features make machine safe and easy to be controlled.

4.The cloud background records the detailed usage of customers,the number of usage,the duration of usage,the course of treatment.Combined with high precision GPS which is builtin cloud IPL,we can analyze the therapeutic mode which is suitable for people in different regions through more data.

5.However,the APP fashion theme is free to switch,which make a new feeling every day.

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