1200W Laser Caseless Power Supply

1200W Laser Caseless Power Supply

Place of Origin
Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name
Model Number
LASER-G-S1200 / LASER-W-S1200
Tattoo removalFreckles removal
Laser Power Supply
Output Voltage
Max 950V
Typical Repeat Frequency
Output Max Power

This 1200W laser power supply is suitable for laser systems with a laser handle to achieve beauty effects such as thin eyebrow freckle. The power supply uses high-frequency series resonant switching technology and a variety of protection technologies to ensure that the power output is efficient stable and durable and provides a pre-ignition function to protect the xenon lamp and prolong its service life.



Product Features

● Patented pre-ignition system brings super stability.
● Small size and portable.
● Compatible with any xenon lamp.
● Over voltage protection temperature protection.





Product Name 1200W Laser Caseless Power Supply
Model Number LASER-G-S1200 / LASER-W-S1200
Size 260*180*142mm
Weight 3.8KG
Input  Voltage G--220V / W--110V AC 50Hz(±10%)
Output Voltage Max 950V
Output Power 1200W
Output  Frequency 1~10Hz
Working  Temperature 0~45℃
Humidity ≤85%







Because the laser energy of a specific wavelength reaches the pigmented tissue of the lesion through the epidermis and dermis layer it only acts on the pigment particles so the epidermis of the skin has little or no damage and there is no obvious damage to the texture of the skin so the skin will not stay scar. Using the laser to instantaneously launch high energy to effectively crush and remove the pigment in the diseased tissue the corresponding pigment group expands rapidly and instantly bursts most or all of the epidermis pigment groups immediately pop out of the body and part of the dermal pigment group can be broken into The tiny particles that are phagocytosed by macro phages in the body are swallowed by macrophages and eventually excreted through the lymphatic system in the body. The chromophore of the diseased tissue will gradually fade until it disappears while the surrounding normal skin tissue will not have any damage due to the non-absorption of a fixed wavelength laser.




● Dynamic laser more concentrated energy stronger selective destruction of pigment particles;
● With Q-switching system: YAG dual-wavelength pulsed laser treatment of a variety of refractory pigment diseases.




◪  The wrong input voltage must be prevented during use. In particular the 220V voltage cannot be connected to the nominal 110V power supply.
◪  It is required to use two high-voltage cables larger than 2.5 square meters to connect the power supply with xenon lamps power supply and capacitors.
◪  In the layout of the whole machine strong electric wires should be separated from the weak signal lines to reduce interference.
◪  Please keep the environment dry and clean to avoid high voltage leakage.
◪  In the complete layout the power must be placed in a well-ventilated location.









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