2400W OPT Power Supply

2400W OPT Power Supply

Place of Origin
Guangdong China (Mainland)
Brand Name
Model Number
OPT-G-S2400II / OPT-W-S2400II
Permanent hair removal Skin Rejuvenation
2400W OPT Power Supply
Output Current
Output Voltage
Typical Repeat Frequency
Output Max Power
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This 2400W OPT power supply is suitable for OPT systems with E light handle to achieve hair removal and skin rejuvenation and other cosmetic effects. The power supply uses high-frequency series resonant switching technology and a variety of protection technology to ensure that the power output is efficient stable and durable and provides pre-ignition features to protect the xenon lamp and prolong its service life.




    Product Features

    ● Security: OPT is safer than IPL because the current is controllable
    ● Hair removal effect more quickly.
    ● Comfort: Pain decreased rapidly.





    Product Name 2400W OPT Power Supply
    Model Number OPT-G-S2400II / OPT-W-S2400II
    Size 342*255*160mm
    Weight 9.1KG
    Input  Voltage G--220V / W--110V AC 50Hz(±10%)
    Output Voltage MAX. 600V
    Output Current 0~260A
    Output  Frequency 1~10Hz
    Working  Temperature 0~45 Degree
    Humidity ≤85%







    OPT adopts the concept of three-dimensional technology: energy + pulse width + pulse waveform. The real thing is to make the energy output of the emitted pulse smooth and uniform. This is a new breakthrough in the photonic technology after four generations. The square wave OPT technology is a perfectly controllable intense pulsed light technology and is the latest generation of IPL technology.




    The efficacy of OPT in the treatment of pigmentary problems is clearly superior to traditional treatment methods. Early IPL have peak energy and attenuation problems. Pulse energy peaks can easily cause skin burns and color sinks and the energy after attenuation is lower than the set value. It is difficult to achieve therapeutic effects. OPT can output a square wave that is always stable completely solving the problem of energy instability.
    Makes the curative effect significantly and reduces side effects. Compared with traditional IPL OPT technology is safer and more comfortable. Can shorten the course of treatment the recurrence rate is low.




    ◪  The wrong input voltage must be prevented during use. In particular the 220V voltage cannot be connected to the nominal 110V power supply.
    ◪  It is required to use two high-voltage cables larger than 2.5 square meters to connect the power supply with xenon lamps power supply and capacitors.
    ◪  In the layout of the whole machine strong electric wires should be separated from the weak signal lines to reduce interference.
    ◪  Please keep the environment dry and clean to avoid high voltage leakage.
    ◪  In the complete layout the power must be placed in a well-ventilated location.




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